Staying Safe When Turning Out Your Horse

Even the best-behaved horses can get a little too excited when they’re getting turned out. Here are some tips for turning out your horse according to Elizabeth Iliff of

Leading the horse
When you’re leading your horse, that’s all you should be doing. Make sure that the lead is the only thing that is in your hands when you’re going towards the gate.

Opening the gate
When you open the gate, be sure to hold the horse with your right hand and open the gate with your left. Go through the gate and have the horse turn around and face you. Once you’ve done that, make sure that you pay attention to him while closing the gate behind you just enough so the horse can’t escape.  

Letting the horse go
Once you’re done getting the horse outside the gate you can remove the unnecessary equipment such as the lead, etc. When you are going back inside the gate, never turn your back to the horse and slowly step back towards it and in. Close the gate and latch it.